The Canary in the Mineshaft

canary data center health monitor 42u solution

What your airflow can tell you about the health of your data center Analyzing something as simple as airflow can help monitor cooling infrastructure and cooling capacity, electrical power consumption and heat distribution, rack layout, server density, and convey how well they are all playing together to better pinpoint where the weaknesses in the system.

What is Inrow Cooling?


What is Inrow Cooling? Inrow cooling precisely cools and conditions air in close proximity and is targeted cooling at the banks of server cabinets that fill the data center. They can be installed on the floor or suspended from overhead making them closer to the actual rack. This setup offers both capacity and efficiency gains.

Rittal LCP Liquid Cooling Package


Rittal High Density Liquid Cooling Solution Rittal RimatriX5 solves the problem of climate control for high heat losses per rack with the Liquid Cooling Package. Extremely high heat loads are dissipated from the rack via the LCP air/water heat exchanger Rittal LCP – Rittal Liquid Cooling Package. Rittal LCP – High Density Cooling Solution Data

Free Cooling with Economizers


Free cooling with Data Center Economizer Solutions A number of recent high profile data centers, including the now famous Yahoo Chicken Coop, have shown the benefits of free cooling through air-side and water-side economization. Economizers utilize the natural outdoor environment to augment or replace mechanical air conditioning. In the case of the Lockport, NY Chicken

SynapSense Active Control Data Center Cooling Software

Data center monitoring is an integral part of managing any server room. Beyond monitoring though, efficient use of cooling resources is critical to reducing data center operating costs and effectively managing IT capacity changes.  To help data center professionals with this critical task, SynapSense has recently released a new software package which, when combined with

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