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5 Airflow management questions to ask to improve your Data Center Environment & Save your Budget


Instead of giving you facts of figures about someone else’s data center or generic facts that you’ve probably heard before, we’re going to address some questions to ask yourself or your IT Specialist. If you have complications answering these questions or wish to seek custom advice, our subject matter experts are here to help (seriously, mention this article, it’s free).


Are you currently measuring the temperature in your data center?

“If you don’t measure it, it doesn’t count.”
“PUE is great, if you’re going to do something with it. Temperature is great, if you’re going to do something with it.” Chris Dayes, one of our subject matter experts at 42U, says in relation to the use of calculators to answer what are truly strategy topics. “Understanding airflow can tell you about the health of your data center …and how that relates to the different parts of your data center.” Read the list of what Chris has to say about data center health.


What’s the ambient temperature in your data center?

Are you running hot? Does your temperature readings look like El Nino ocean waves? Perhaps it’s time to look into balancing your airflow with a few preventative actions to reduce premature failure of your equipment.


Where are the hot spots in your data center environment?

Two items: Blanking Panels & Floor Panels.
I’m not kidding, find your hot spots and apply your solution – go to easy fixes: blanking panels, perf panels, fans, the list can go on. Cheap and easy solutions to help extend the life and environment of your investment.

Directional Perf


Do you know the cooling efficiency in your data center?

Extend the life of your equipment by having them work smarter instead of harder. Reduce costs by providing the cooling and power needed for a long and happy life, instead of replacing expensive equipment with more expensive equipment.

Win the Battle of Hot vs Cold Airflow


What efficiency improvements and preventative actions have you implemented using containment strategies, such as blanking panels or curtains?

Measuring and managing heat could be include inexpensive solutions (blanking panels, environmental monitoring/measuring, fans) or expensive solutions (redesigning airflow duct work or upgrading to “intelligent” equipment) based on the environment and goals.

Having a tool to accurately depict heat generation based on electricity use and heat mapping may be more along the lines of an intelligent PDU. The metrics in combination with an infrared camera images collected can help during the creation of a more sustainable and holistic solution.


A comprehensive study of your data center will provide the best answers for your environment. There are a lot of options out there, we’re here to help.

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