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Compact, Portable Server Room Cooling


42u data center solutions portable compact air conditioning units

The Best Portable Air Conditioner Made in the U.S.A.

Now announcing the more compact, water-cooled portable 5-ton Water Cooled Units. The redesigned OWC and PWC series have the same performance in a smaller cabinet.

Same Performance
in a Smaller Cabinet

  • SMALLER…..12 inches less in depth foot print
  • LIGHTER….70 lbs lighter
  • Protected Internal Water Connections
  • Uses Same Accessories as the 5-ton Air Cooled A/C


  • Rear Handles and Kickplate for mobility
  • Power Cord Storage
  • High Pressure Reset Switch
  • Recessed Water Connections
  • Built-In Condensate Pump with 20 ft lift

OceanAire is built entirely on quality, which is evident in the entire range of products. It’s easy to see how quality drives the real world application of air conditioning solutions. The entire range of products delivers outstanding and efficient performance year-after-year.

OceanAire’s water cooled portable air conditioner units offer an extremely efficient and effective way to control the climate in any sized room. Because water cooled air conditioners do not discharge large amounts of heat, they do not require exhaust ducting and are used to great effect in enclosed areas.

Many useful applications, include:

  • Nursing homes
  • Surgical suites
  • Meeting/Conference rooms
  • Telephone equipment rooms
  • Server rooms
  • After hours cooling
  • Standby, supplement cooling
  • Biological control labs
  • Loading docks
  • Theme parks
  • Room/Space cooling
  • Computer room cooling
  • Closed-in offices, basements
  • Outdoor tent cooling
  • Process/Production cooling
  • People cooling
  • Operating/Recovery rooms/Cat Scans
  • Marine engine repair services
  • Emergency cooling
  • Electronic equipment rooms

OceanAire units are now available to order online and by phone!

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About OceanAire, Inc.

Since 1997, OceanAire has provided innovative cooling solutions for the portable air conditioner and heat pump market. Our vision is to utilize our core experience, knowledge and integrity to manufacture the best possible equipment available for climate control.

OceanAire, Inc. manufactures compact, quiet and technologically advanced portable air conditioner products in a 22,000 square foot facility in Morton Grove, IL. All OceanAire air conditioning units are carefully assembled by a team of highly experienced HVAC specialists, who take pride in their work. Once built, all OceanAire units are tested and thoroughly checked before being packed and shipped to our many partners across the United States.

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