FAQ–What client platforms does KVM over IP support?

Q: What client platforms does KVM over IP support? A. Platform support varies by device. For example, Raritan offers a Java-based multi-platform client and will work with a wide variety of operating systems including Linux, Sun/Solaris, and Macintosh. Other devices use an Active-X platform and provide support only for Windows. Visit our “Frequently Asked Questions

Server Management: Upgrade Your KVM Technology

Upgrade your current KVM architecture and clean up your server room! Below are a few ways you can update your datacenterenvironment. 1. Upgrade to CAT5 CAT5 KVM switches dramatically reduce desktop and server rack cable clutter and allow users and computers to be situated farther apart than they could be using standard KVM cables. CAT5

FAQ–How much rack space does a KVM switch require?

Depending on the size of the KVM configuration, for up to a 42-port solution, most KVM switches typically occupy 1U of rack space. Once you upgrade to a 64-port KVM solution, 2U of rack space will likely be required. For more information visit: https://www.42u.com/kvm-switch-article.htm.

Rose RackView/UltraConsole 1U LCD Drawer

Rose Electronics has recently merged two appealing products into one ideal KVM solution to help manage complicated rack mount installations. The Rose 1U RackView LCD/KVMdrawer offers users the ability to reclaim precious rack units by allowing true multi-platform control to an entire server rack. Rose RackView 1U LCD Drawer Features & Benefits The RackView is

DVI KVM – Quad Screen Support

A new DVI KVM Switch currently available will solve a problem that has been asked for quite some time. The NTI SPLITMUX Quad Screen Splitter will effectively display up to four DVI images on a single DVI monitor without the use of expensive software. Along with quad screen imagery, users will be given the choice

KVM Splitters

What is a KVM Splitter? A KVM Splitter creates 2 or more Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor access points into one single computer. Each set of Keyboard, Mice and Monitors will act as though they are connected directly to the Computer. A KVM Splitter can be used if an office or a manufacturing plant has a

Rackmount LCD Monitors Explained

While there are different types of Rackmount LCD Monitor they all serve the same purpose: to save space in the rack. There are many different variations to the Rackmount Monitor to allow you to pick the one that will fit your situation the best. Here is a breakdown of the different type of Rackmount Monitors