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IT asset lifecycle management + Facilities Monitoring & Access = DCIM Suite


With all this talk about moving and living in The Cloud, data centers (aka where The Cloud lives) are having to continually expand their footprint . These series of servers can be holistically monitored with the use of DCIM, drawing together facilities, IT, and business into a single management and reporting view.

DCIM Capabilities include:
  1. Capacity Planning & 3D Visualization
  2. Real-Time Monitoring & Seamless Integration Management
  3. Cable & Remote Connectivity Management
  4. Environmental & Energy Sensors & Configuration
  5. Versatile Financial & Parameter-Driven Reporting
  6. Process/Change Management

Whether managing daily equipment deployments, ensuring that power and cooling infrastructures are operating reliably or managing complex metrics to validate operational performance and energy efficiency, the DCIM solution should offer operations and management teams’ meticulous access to real-time information to better manage their data centers.Data Center Knowledge

Companies, like the ones below, have invested in the development of DCIM and intelligent capacity planning based on user-requested improvements to better support synchronized monitoring and management of both physical and virtual infrastructures.


DCIM software provides data center operations managers with the ability to identify, locate, visualize, and manage all physical data center assets, quickly provision new equipment, and confidently plan capacity for future growth. DCIM tools can also help control energy costs, improve data center design, and increase operational efficiency. Sunbird


…provides the information and controls you need to fully utilize your existing infrastructure resources, while alerting you to trouble before it causes downtime. Chatsworth


Comprehensive DCIM platform in a single pane of glass to enable real-time, integrated monitoring, access, and control across IT and facility systems. Avocent


Power control units are essential for remote power management and control. Power control units can be used to power down and power up multiple individual devices. Panduit


An integrated suite of data center management software applications that enable businesses to prosper by managing their data centers across multiple domains, providing actionable intelligence for an ideal balance of high availability and peak efficiency throughout the entire data center life cycle. APC by Schneider Electric

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