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Top 3 Reasons for DCIM


Let’s start with the basic focus of DCIM: actively planning, managing, and optimizing your data center. Traditionally, there has been a gap between IT and facility teams. With the goal of providing cross-domain visibility, DCIM connects these two perspectives with a holistic way to view in-depth at the infrastructure. To list a few key elements:

42U Rack Dimensions

Plexiglass Doors vs Perforated Doors

The industry standard for data centers … The 42U Universal Server Rack is compatible with a wide variety of servers and rack-mountable networking equipment, including Dell, HP, Austin Hughes, IBM, Kendall Howard, Great Lakes, Martin Enclosures, Chatsworth, and APC products. The 42U Rack is completely customizable and can handle even the heaviest loads – up

5 Steps to a Greener Data Center

Components of Power Usage Effectiveness - PUE (source: Green Grid)

With a little planning, even older data centers can go green – 5 Steps to a greener data center! An efficient, well-designed data center is important for every organization; it can reduce down-time, increase output and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Probably the biggest benefit is that a properly maintained data center can save significant capital

42U Unveils New, Interactive Data Center Efficiency Calculator

Broomfield, CO -July 14, 2009. While “greening” the data center is good for the environment and good for the bottom line, few resources provide the business case to begin an efficiency program. In response, 42U, a leader in data center efficiency solutions and services, has premiered a free, interactive Data Center Energy Savings Calculator to

DCEP: Data Center Energy Productivity

Since the 2007 EPA Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency was published, much has been written on improving energy efficiency in critical facilities. Many of the conversations, until now, have addressed efficiency without productivity. While PUE and DCiE focus primarily on infrastructure- the mechanical and electrical systems that support the data

Energy Efficiency Leadership for Data Centers & IT

Data center efficiency is a hot topic! With data center build outs, retro-fits, re-commissioning, expansions and server consolidation reaching a feverish pace, so have the challenges in keeping up with compliance, green initiatives – all while attempting to lower costs, increase scalability and keeping IT operations and Business always on/Uptime. PG&E has fostered a consortium

Data Center Energy Efficiency

Data Center Energy Efficiency Best Practices Because of the historical unimportance of energy efficiency and the fact that energy expenses flow through the facilities team, some data center managers don’t yet grasp the significance of data center energy costs. The following information can then be used to create an estimate of the range of savings

What does Green Data Center Mean to You?

Firms Making Their Own ‘Green’ Standards North American companies want energy-efficient data centers, but are struggling to define what “green” really means, and often developing their own metrics and standards. That’s the conclusion of a Digital Realty Trust (DRL) survey of enterprise data center users, which found strong commitment to energy efficiency but no clear

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