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Manage Data Center Complexity with DCIM

raritan dcim power ipdu environment sensor investment solution 42u data center

Dramatically simplify data center operations management with DCIM software. Free yourself from multiple excel and visio files and improve asset, capacity, change management; power, energy, and environment monitoring. DCIM Brings It All Together DCIM helps make the most of your iPDU and environment sensor investment. A single dashboard can offer real-time power loads, trends, and

Top 4 Resilient Network Pieces


OpenGear IM7200 Infrastructure Manager 8 – 48 port serial console server, manage network and server consoles. Also available in 16 port + 24 USB console ports. Dual network connections with builtin Fiber SFP and GbE copper ports. AAA including LDAP & TACACS+, lock down ports per user & group. Unified power management of PDU and

Adder Introduces Improved SLA Support

adder deliver train assure assist your critical installations professional services 42u data center solutions

UPDATE: Adder Technology mitigates risk to critical IT systems with fortified professional services. Offerings include training, on-site engineering services, and SLAs with advanced hardware replacement for abslolute quality assurance beyond standard warranty programs.

Airflow Dollars & Cents / How to increase Airflow ROI

42u airflow containment

“Airflow is easy, like low hanging fruit.” Although airflow is tough to see, you can feel the hot spots in a data center.  If you find yourself hitting cooling capacity and choose to improve your airflow, you may not need to invest in another CRAC unit. Incorporating improved airflow management would create a positive impact on

2017 Partner List

42u data center solution list vendor partners

With the new year comes new opportunities. We are proud to share our growing list of partners and vendors. Our vendor and technology agnostic approach leverages our expertise in monitoring, airflow analysis, power, measurement, cooling, and best-of-breed efficiency technologies to help data center managers maximize uptime, improve energy efficiency and subsequently lower their CAPEX and

NEW 4-Post Adjustable Rack launched by Kendall Howard

kendall howard 4 post adjustable rack 42u data center solutions

NEW 24U & 45U 4-Post Adjustable Rack launched by Kendall Howard on January 9th. January 9, 2016, Kendall Howard announced the release of two new 4-post adjustable racks in a 24U and 45U rack capacity. The 4-Post Adjustable Racks can adjust its usable depth from 26” to 38” so it can be used in multiple

What’s the big deal about the Emerson Managed Rack PDU, MPH2


9 reasons why the MPH2 deserves recognition. After a tour of the Emerson Network Facility in Ohio, our eyes were opened …but first, a quick description of what this Emerson Managed Rack PDU: MPH2™ is the most intelligent, high-availability line of managed rack PDUs. It offers remote monitoring and control capabilities as well as environmental

Raritan Dominion KX III Firmware Release 3.4 Released!

raritan dominion KX III firmware 3.4 update available

Our friends at Raritan have notified us and the world of their new Firmware Release 3.4 for the Dominion KX III. With this release, you can enjoy Java-free KVM-over-IP access on all platforms and the ability to manage up to 8 serial devices with our new Dominion Serial Access Modules that will be available in

Liebert RPC1000 vs RPC2 Rack PDU Web Cards


On the right is the RPC1000. It’s the first generation rack PDU web card. On the left is the RPC2, which is the second generation. Physically speaking, they’re more or less the same size. The new card is a little bit shallower because it has to fit in the new form factor of the MPH2

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