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Adder Introduces Improved SLA Support


With the growing rate of organizations that operate 24/7/365, Adder reminds us the importance of SLA coverage and when it should be included in a warranty plan. As of 2017, Adder Professional Services department offers a range of enhanced product warranties, tailored service level agreements and user training programs, ideal for organizations that never stop running.

Our new Service Level Agreements (SLA) give our customers absolute assurance beyond the standard warranty program. Giving access to specialist engineering resources, advance hardware replacement, feature & firmware update alerts alongside one to one assistance by phone, remote access and when needed face to face on-site. The Adder SLA is like having an Adder specialist support engineer by your side day and night, there to support you.Adder

All Adder products come with a standard 2 year warranty, which can now be extended for up to 5 years. It is also possible to purchase an enhanced warranty for existing devices already in use.

Enhanced warranties can be bought in addition to the standard 2 year warranty for up to 4 years after original product purchase.

Please contact your 42u account manager to learn more about enhanced warranties.

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Reduce the Risk of Your Product Lifecycle.

Free Software & Firmware Upgrades

SLA customers are eligible to receive free software/firmware upgrades for the life of the agreement.

Advanced Hardware Replacements

Receive a replacement if your product is deemed unrecoverable within 1 working day of fault confirmation.

Convenient Subscription Model

Payments are processed annually on a subscription basis available anytime within the first 4 years of purchase.

Find the SLA that best fits your needs and budget.

Adder SLA’s are available to purchase any time within the first 4 years of a product’s ownership.

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Premium SLA’s will be available to existing installs as of September 2017.

“This is an exciting time for Adder Technology as we make our new range of support options available to all our customers” says Ben Brand-Cotti, professional services manager, Adder Technology. “We design products for 24/7 operations and now also offer added assurance that guided installation, support agreements and user training will provide. This delivers our customers with the resilience and business continuity that their critical applications require. These range of services augment our high quality hardware and software products with tailored support services designed to meet a customer’s individual needs. The Adder tradition has always been one of engineering excellence and to manufacture products that last. These new services further demonstrate the confidence we have in all of our solutions.” – Adder Press Release

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