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Demo of the IHSE UHD-KVM Matrix Switch and Extender


Experience the IHSE UHD-KVM Matrix Switch and Extender.

IHSE’s KVM Matrix Switches have received numerous “Best in Show” awards from NABShow and InfoComm for their high performance, modular matrix systems. Supporting the latest video resolutions and connectivity solutions, instantaneous switching response is a key feature and benefit available in their products.

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IHSE specializes in innovation, leadership, and performance of KVM products and the next generation of products for high definition video extenders, switchers, and signal management since 1984. These KVM products are designed for the growing need of bigger, faster solutions for the increased complexity of IT environments. Call us today and let one of our engineers help you find the IHSE combination that fits your needs.

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Experience the IHSE NABShow Best in Show

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