ServerTech Custom Rack Cabinet PDU

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servertech-step 1

Step 1

Choose between a Smart PDU or a Switched PDU.

servertech- step 2

Step 2

Decide whether a 1-Phase, 3-Phase, or 3-Phase Alternating is the best fit.

servertech- step 3

Step 3

Select the power input / plug type: IEC C20 Inlet, IEC C19 Outlet, or IEC Pin + Sleeve 32A.

servertech- step 4

Step 4

Power orientation preference on top or bottom to better facilitate outlet selection.

servertech- step 5

Step 5

Mix & Match C13 & C19 outlet module count.

servertech- step 6

Step 6

Choose between Smart (Ethernet & Serial) or Meter Only (No Connectivity).

servertech- step 7

Step 7

Indicate the number of Master and number of Link PDUs via color choice of black, blue, green, red, white, and yellow.

servertech- step 8

Step 8

Type your preferences in the “Order Now” box…

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