STULZ Medicinal Cannabis Environmental Control Solution

Address the Biggest Problems Facing Modern Grow Rooms
by Controlling the Environments
to Prevent Lost Crops & Maximize Investment.

Features & Benefits of the STULZ Medicinal Cannabis Environmental Control Solution

Maximize Crop Yield


Advanced environmental control units maintain tight control of temperature, humidity, and CO2 content.

Prevent the Formation of White Mold


Deeper coil for enhanced dehumidification capabilities and tight moisture content control.

Eliminate Relative Humidity Spikes during Lights Off Cycles


Special dehumidifier controls set coil temperatures low while reducing the air flow rate to maximize moisture removal.

Prevent Pollen Contamination


A growing pod pressure control system helps prevent pollen contamination that may lead to hermaphrodite plants.

Pest Control


Integral UV lighting eliminates biological threats.

CO2 Augmentation


CO2 monitoring, alarm, and control with integral supply nozzle in the air stream.

Corporate Identity


custom unit paint colors.

Advanced Dehumidification Highlight

Deeper coils and drain pans are specifically designed to aid in the removal of moisture from the grow space. STULZ’s proprietary coil temperature control system lowers the temperature of the coil to just above freezing for short periods of time to rapidly reduce the moisture content in the space. This helps prevent the formation of white mold.

Stulz CyberOne Technical Data for Environment Control for Medicinal Cannabis

Maximize your Environmental Conditions

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