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Using proven cooling technology and adding additional white space to the data center.

  • Air Handler
  • Packaged Rooftop
  • Modular Container

Air Handler – Cyberhandler AHU


Air handling unit for demanding data center cooling requirements

The STULZ CyberHandler is a centralized air conditioning solution that is specially designed to free up space in the data center, allowing more room for IT equipment. Utilizing tried and tested precision technology from STULZ, the CyberHandler satisfies the exacting requirements for the air conditioning of data centers with a unit able to be mounted either on or next to the building.

  • Frees up space for additional IT equipment in the data center
  • Designed for the precise requirements of data centers
  • Low installation costs (fewer units, installation outside the building)
  • Lower operation costs
  • Free cooling options: Direct Free Cooling
  • No maintenance work on air conditioning units inside the data center (safety, cleanliness, time saving)
  • Lower risk in the event of a leak, as the units are installed outdoors
  • Capacity can be selected from a large range
  • Designed for continuous operation all year round
  • Data center optimized STULZ E² controls with user adjustable set-point envelope
  • Made in the USA
  • Modular design
  • Maximum energy efficiency for high circulating air and supply air temperatures (in accordance with ASHRAE 90.1)
  • Coil bypass for reducing the loss of air pressure under a low heat load
  • Flexible connections for return air, supply air and outside air ducts
  • Powder-coated aluminum panels – ensure air tightness, protect against reflected sunlight and temperature losses
  • Aluminum housing for corrosion protection and a low weight
  • STULZ E² controls – data center specific with user adjustable set-point envelope

Air Handler – Indirect Evaporative Cooling Equipment


Indirect Evaporative Cooling Equipment (STULZ IeCE) embodies STULZ’ commitment to efficiency.

STULZ IeCE is an indirect evaporative cooling solution, designed to remove heat by exploiting the evaporation of water. With an air-to-air heat exchanger STULZ IeCE is able to meet the needs of modern IT cooling without introducing the contaminants from outside air, all while achieving potential savings of up to 75% over traditional mechanical cooling methods.

  • Meets the needs of modern IT cooling, achieving potential savings of up to 75% over traditional mechanical cooling methods
  • Provides tremendous energy savings vs standard Direct Expansion (DX) or Chilled Water (CW) only
  • Designed specifically for the demands of mission critical data center
  • Utilizes trusted data center specific control and interface with BMS
  • Options for DX and CW trim cooling or 100% back-up cooling
  • Durable construction
  • Outdoor mounting eliminates unit maintenance inside the white space
  • A variety of installation configurations can meet almost any facility layout
  • Made in the USA
Dry Mode

During the cold season, the scavenger air is capable of cooling the data center air without assistance from the evaporative system.

Even when the ambient temperature is moderately warm to cold, scavenger air can be used exclusively to cool the data center air. Dry Mode can most likely be used every night, even in the middle of summer.

Wet Mode

During the warm season the evaporative system is utilized.

Wet Mode applies when ambient temperature is hot, necessitating the use of evaporative cooling, but relatively dry so evaporative cooling can affectively drop the temperature appropriately.

DX & CW Assist Mode

In extreme weather situations, the Direct Expansion (DX) or Chilled Water (CW) systems are used to supplement the cooling, as needed.

DX/CW Assist Mode applies when ambient temperature and humidity are both high, reducing the effectiveness of evaporative cooling and necessitating the need for “trim” cooling from a DX or CW system.

Packaged Rooftop – Cyberpack


Self-contained, DX Rooftop System

STULZ CyberPack provides a self-contained, DX air-cooled rooftop system, designed specifically for continuous operation in a mission critical environment.

  • Up to two independently cooled circuits with highly reliable scroll compressors
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant
  • -30°F to 115°F ambient operation (with optional flooded head pressure control)
  • Functional operations: cooling, dehumidification and filtration
  • EC (Electronically Commutated) Fans offer considerable energy cost savings and long life
  • 4” thick, MERV 8-15 cartridge air filters
  • Fan speed is continuously adjustable via the system controller without the use of VFD’s
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Easy upgrade from comfort cooling units not designed for data center operation

Modular Container – Cybercon Modular Data Center Unit


Cooling for Modular/Containerized Data Centers

STULZ CyberCon provides superior value for precision temperature and humidity control in a performance optimized data center (POD). This air conditioning solution can be ready for quick deployment with minimal construction, installation and start-up time.

  • Simple transport, easy installation, a complete cooling unit with equipment in a container (completely self-contained design)
  • Turnkey precision cooling device for installation outside the unit
  • Designed for air conditioning a prefabricated computer room in container format
  • Lowers investment costs and can be rapidly adapted to fast growing IT requirements
  • Offers scalability and rapid enlargement of capacity in line with IT demands
  • Shortens lengthy planning phases
  • STULZ E² controls – Data Center specific with user adjustable set-point envelope
  • Made in the USA
  • Various cooling systems and Free Cooling solutions are possible
  • Integrated exhaust air with Direct Free Cooling
  • Integrated service corridor
  • Microchannel condensers
  • Two independent cooling sections with their own controller, enabling N+1 redundancy
  • Temperature range: -31°F to +114°F

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