Data Center Cooling Strategies

Data center cooling is a hot topic. When you consider the challenges of cooling the latest generation servers, growing cost of infrastructure equipment, and ever growing concern around energy efficiency,

Chill Off Revisited

Accenture reported on an event hosted by Sun Microsystems assessing four energy-efficient modular, scalable server rack cooling systems for data centers. During this “Chill-Off”, the four solutions were evaluated under

Avocent DSView 3 Upgrades to 3.6

Avocent DSView 3

Managing your data center has just become easier! The new DSView 3 includes benefits ranging from labor-saving features such as consolidated access of physical and virtual servers, integrated virtual machine

ENERGY STAR for Data Centers

Energy use in data centers is increasing rapidly. In 2006, energy consumption to operate IT equipment and data center facilities represented 61 billion kWh or approximately $6 billion in annual