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Three Best Practices for Optimizing your IT Infrastructure


In a recent survey by the Uptime Institute, 42% of enterprise data center managers reported that they would run out of power capacity within 24 months. This statistic isn’t surprising when you consider that today’s IT hardware requires more power-distribution air conditioning and UPS capacity than in the past.

What steps is your data center taking to mitigate the detrimental disruptions of availability, reliability and uptime caused by a loss of capacity?

There are several, cost-effective options for solving the growing capacity concerns without building a new data center or investing in additional infrastructure. In this webinar, 42U discusses three strategies for optimizing your existing environment to improve space and power capacity.

Topics Include:

  • Trends in Data Center Power and Space Capacity
  • Optimize IT!
  • Conduct an Analysis of Your Data Center
    – PUE: How to calculate your Power Usage Efficiency
    – Importance of Evaluating Existing Airflow Patterns
  • Implement an Energy Efficient, Modular Infrastructure
    – Closed Couple Cooling vs. Room-level Cooling
    – “Build as you Grow” UPS
  • Improve the Efficiencies of Your Power Management Process
    – The Utility Bill Gap
    – Micro Power Management at the Room, Cabinet and Rack-level