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Environmental Monitoring  Webinar

Monitoring Optimization Webinar

Advanced Environmental Monitoring, Control and Optimization Today, the vast majority of data centers employ environmental monitoring controls that are outdated and uncoordinated. While ASHRAE guidelines specify temperature and humidity levels at the IT equipment inlet, nearly all CRAC/CRAH units regulate independently and control both temperature and humidity at the air return point. This disparity results

Key Data Center Metrics

June 2011 Webinar Playback:Key Data Center Metrics and How they are Applied In today’s dynamic business environment the need for more capacity in the data center continues to increase at a rapid pace. While the cost of energy is also on the rise, business leaders and corporations are feeling the economic pressure when addressing these

Free Cooling Webinar


Air-side and water-side economizers offer the potential for significant energy savings by using the ambient environment to augment or replace mechanical air conditioning. Depending on your location, environment, data center design and existing infrastructure, implementing a "free cooling" strategy can be extremely challenging. Scot Heath, PE, 42U's CTO will introduce water-side and air-side techniques, discuss

Do’s and Don’ts of Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Containment

March 2011 Webinar Playback: The Do’s and Don’ts of Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Containment Data Center Containment has become widely accepted as one of the foremost strategies to improve energy efficiency in the server room. While manufacturers offer a wide range of hot aisle and cold aisle containment solutions, sifting through the myriad of options and

Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer (AMIE)

The modern data center is a dynamic environment. In many cases, managing this complex space has evolved beyond the capabilities of spreadsheets and VISIO diagrams.  Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer (AMIE) software presents a fresh alternative to these familiar tools. With real-time visibility, users can model, plan for, and schedule changes to their data center.

Benefits and Challenges of Aisle Containment

Containment has become one of the most popular data center efficiency strategies. Its premise—the separation of cool supply air and hot exhaust air—is simple in practice but powerful in operation. What are the daily benefits to a data center owner who implements containment? This webinar, lead by 42U’s sales and product management teams, gives a

Energy Efficiency Best Practices

Electricity expense has become an increasingly important factor of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for data centers. Energy consumption of typical data centers can be substantially reduced through design of the physical infrastructure and IT architecture. Electrical power usage is not currently a typical design criterion for data centers. Historically, it has also been

Power Strategies for Data Center Efficiency

In a survey conducted by the Uptime Institute, enterprise data center managers responded that 42% of them expected to run out of power capacity within 12-24 months and another 23% claimed that they would run out of power capacity in 24-60 months. Greater attention to energy efficiency and consumption is critical. In this presentation Steve

Data Center Cooling Strategies

Data center cooling is a hot topic. When you consider the challenges of cooling the latest generation servers, growing cost of infrastructure equipment, and ever growing concern around energy efficiency, it’s easy to understand the focus. Topics Covered: Best Practice Data Center Cooling Approaches Available Cooling Technologies Available Cooling Systems

Enclosure Strategies for Efficiency

Historically, Data Center managers didn’t invest much thought in their deployment of server racks beyond basic functionality, air flow, and the initial cost of the rack itself. Today, the widespread deployment of high-density configurations is causing major hot spot concerns and capacity issues. These factors, along with the high cost of power, require a sound