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An IT Kingdom in Your Pocket


DCIM software is a new class of software that gives data center operators the ability to run efficient data center operations and improve data center infrastructure planning and design. It typically replaces Excel, Visio, and home grown databases. DCIM software can bridge information across organizational domains – Data Center Ops, Facilities, and IT to maximize utilization of the data center.

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Support your IT kingdom from anywhere with DCIM software.

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Maximize Uptime. Drive Efficiency. Increase Productivity.

DCIM software provides data center operations managers with the ability to identify, locate, visualize, and manage all physical data center assets, quickly provision new equipment, and confidently plan capacity for future growth. DCIM tools can also help control energy costs, improve data center design, and increase operational efficiency.Sunbird

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Manage and Audit Your Data Center Assets from the Palm of Your Hand

Data center managers require tools that provide resiliency, improve uptime, and reduce risk across the data center infrastructure – including network, power, IT equipment, applications software, and applications services.

Enable DC Managers to get specific answers to make better, more informed decisions, quickly.

  • Add, Locate, & Edit Assets with Ease
  • Access Maintenance Details
  • With Just a Few Clicks

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Sunbird Software is changing the way data centers are being managed. We all strive to eliminate the complexity they have been forced to accept from point tools and home grown applications, removing the dependency on emails and spreadsheets to transform the delivery of data center services.

Implementing a Data Center Infrastructure Management solution provides data center operations managers and their companies with significant operational and cost-saving benefits, today and into the future.


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