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Rittal Rimatrix5 Datacenter Security Solutions

Rittal’s CMC-TC security management system protects against unauthorized access, vandalism and environmental factors such as heat, humidity, smoke and vibration.  CMC-TC data center security solution offers a modular monitoring system with optimum protection for IT racks and rooms. Due to its modular concept the system can optimally be adjusted to the individual requirements of the existing infrastructure. Extension and retrofitting are also possible. Thus, the system offers optimum investment security for your IT infrastructure. The interface is based on the network technology standard. With Ethernet via TCP/IP the CMC-TC offers via SNMP, the connection to Network Management Systems (NMS). It also includes an own web server for convenient operation via an Internet browser and support standards like RS232, Telnet, SSH, FTP or SMTP.

The CMC-TC system allows monitoring applications to be configured cost-effectively and in a targeted manner. The processing unit (PU) with network interface forms the basis.  The sensor units are combined with sensors to form the PU. This determines the function. The PU may optionally be operated via CMC-TC master for enhanced performance. The finishing touches are provided by the plug & play concept with automatic sensor detection and configuration.

The Basic CMC-TC System

Optional Master Unit
Processing Unit
Programming Cable
Power Rack
Power Cable
Connection Cable
Sensor & Access Cable

Master Unit

The master system may be connected between the processing unit and the user network. There are ten 10BaseT network inputs available for the processing units (PU). The PUs transmit all monitoring- related data and messages to the master system via TCP/IP, SNMP.

Benefits of using the Master Unit are:

  • Centralized administration
  • Network connection 10/100BaseT
  • Central web server for configuration
  • Local administration via PS2/ VGA console
  • Logging function for alarm messages
  • Link for USB camera
  • Free function selection for monitoring
  • Ideal for large data centers
  • Web access via SSL 3.0 128-bit encryption
  • Remote administration via SSH

CMC-TC Processing Unit (PU)

The processing unit forms the basis of the CMC-TC system. This unit is required for every monitoring application.  The benefits include:

  • Selectable monitoring functions
  • Sensor/actuator ports extendible
  • TCP/IP SNMP network connection
  • Integral web server for configuration
  • Automatic menu generation
  • Simple installation based on the plug & play system
  • Alarm continues to record even in the event of a network failure
  • Built-in real-time clock
  • May be used via power pack for 115/230 V AC or 48 V D
  • Choice of mounting on the enclosure frame or 482.6 mm (19″) mounting angles
  • The protocol for the master/ slave system is TCP/IP SNMP
  • May be used for large data centers or small individual applications
Rittal Rimatrix5 Security Processing Unit

CMC-TC Sensor Units

I/O Unit
This sensor unit allows alarm and status messages and measurements to be forwarded or remote actions to be executed via relay output modules.Access Unit
With this sensor unit, one or two door zones may be released for access via the network, or a personalized opening via a code (e.g., smartcard reader) may be initiated.Climate Unit
A temperature control circuit is installed with this sensor unit. Temperature set points are set via the PU, and these are compared with the actual temperature.Fan Control System
The Fan Control System regulates and controls the speed of up to 6 fans. This helps to save electricity, reduce the noise level of the fans and extend the service life of the fans.


Rittal Rimatrix5 Security Sensor Units