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A regular preventive maintenance program helps ensure maximum reliability of data center equipment by providing systematic inspections, detection, and correction of incipient failures — either before they occur or before they develop into major defects that could translate into costly downtime. Liebert products, solutions and services from Emerson Network Power optimize data center infrastructure through cooling and monitoring technologies.

Power Preventive Maintenance Includes:

  • Repairing and reporting of all high temperature areas that may affect component and unit performance.
  • Complete visual inspection of the equipment including subassemblies, wire harnesses, contacts, cables, major components and air filters.
  • Checking of inverter and rectifier boards,and all mechanical connections for heat discoloration and tightness.
  • Replacement of swelled and leaking power capacitors and DC capacitors with extruded vent caps.
  • Replacement of any life-limited component that may have failed or show signs of failure.
  • Installation of all factory-recommended engineering field change notices as necessary.
  • Inspection maintenance of individual batteries including on-site and remote preventive maintenance options utilizing Albér battery monitors.
  • Customer Engineer consultation and system recommendations.

Power is a critical resource and an expensive reality.

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