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Sunbird Software Release: Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring 5.0.1


Sunbird has released a security alert of their Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring 5.0.1 upgrade! As they stated:

This release will provide several security enhancements and improvements including:

  • Important Security Fix for LDAP Authentication Services.
  • Save IP addresses and switch ports with support for up to 8 Raritan PX Intelligent Rack PDUs.
  • Improved visualization with cabinet inspector views for Raritan Branch Circuit Montioring (BCM).
  • Enhanced System Administration enabling “time of day” scheduling of daily backups.

Predictive Analytics — Modeling/Simulation Capabilities

sunbird asset 3 cabinet power chart 42u data center solution dcim managerNew Live Charts were added to make it easier to identify stranded power capacity in data centers, helping to avoid the expense of deploying new cabinets. Side-by-side views of redundant cabinet PDUs provide valuable information on potential power supply failures. Additional views allow for trend analysis of circuit breaker limits and real-time loads to predict potential failures.
sunbird asset 5Health Map provides a bird’s-eye view of entire white space and visual alerts of abnormal operation conditions that might lead to data center downtime. An inspector with Real-time Readings and alarm details enables drill down capabilities to investigate the root cause and possible remediation.

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