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IPTV Decoders

The IPTV decoder’s function is to receive the content and decode it into a format that your digital devices can play. IPTV decoders prevent piracy and unapproved access to content. Since the video content is encoded, viewers need to have a compatible decoder to decode the content and watch it using their computer or television. The most prevalent type of decoder is a “set-top box” — a small device that connects to your display and decodes the video content. Like most IPTV devices, set-top boxes can range from inexpensive consumer units to high-end decoders for enterprises.

IPTV Decoders

  • Reduced costs. Niagara has various hardware and software products that are cost-competitive in the industry. Solutions are available that scale from small to large.
  • Easy to extend. IPTV access can be extended to users wherever there is a network connection, so extending the IPTV system throughout an organization is easier and more cost-effective. What’s more, recent developments allow it to extend over the Internet to keep everyone connected no matter where they are.
  • Lower bandwidth usage. Multicast IPTV significantly reduces bandwidth usage by streaming each channel one time, instead of using multiple data streams for each end-user.
  • Heightened security and access control. Allow for control of content by the user and secondary encryption can also be added.
  • Reduced maintenance and oversight. More efficient organization and planning. Without the need for large-scale network maintenance and oversight, your IT and management resources can be put to better use.
  • Different models are made for compatibility with: MAG24, Android IMS STB, Amino Amigo, Android 4K STB.

IPTV Decoder Features

  • Over-The-Air Channels: OTA channels in most countries are unencrypted and available without a subscription, including content such as PBS and local TV channels. The bandwidth of your network and Internet access ultimately determines the number of channels that can be viewed.
  • Cable Channels: Most Cable channels are encrypted and usually require a subscription to decrypt the channels and make them accessible. This can be done in an economical fashion with products from Niagara. Pay-TV channels originating from cable tv sources. These can be legally decrypted using a special process from Cable Labs which we have the authority to do.
  • Satellite Channels: Satellite content comes from a provider like DISH or DirecTV in the US. This content is decoded by a Set Top Box typically and then re-encoded with a multi-channel encoder.NiagaraTV IPTV Decoders

IPTV Decoder Applications

  • TV Broadcasters
  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • Education
  • TV Distribution over a LAN
  • Off-air or Head-end Monitoring
  • Digital Signage

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