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Provisioning, Patch Management, Virtual Assets and Remote Management: Tools for Accessing and Managing ALL Your Data Center Assets


Accessing and managing the assets in your data center is not a small undertaking:

  • Provisioning new servers
  • Managing physical and virtual assets
  • Monitoring systems proactively to ensure ‘Always On’ availability
  • Patching, or releasing a new version of an application
  • Coordinating the varying on-board server processors

Steve Lewis, IT Infrastructure Consultant for 42U and Mark Harris, Vice President of Strategic Marketing for Avocent discuss the many product advancements made by Avocent to enable customers to combat the rising costs and complexity of accessing and managing your next generation data center.

Specific tips and tools covered:

  • Manage physical and virtual infrastructures from a browser/monitor
  • Centrally manage and remotely access your data center
  • Provision, patch and monitoring all servers in the data center using a repeatable process
  • Discover hidden values and approaches to IP-based KVM, Console, and Power Management
  • Unleash the power of your server’s existing on-board service processor (iLO, DRAC, RSA, IPMI) through a single view

This data center webinar is sponsored by: Avocent