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2007 Data Center Cooling Study: Comparing Liquid Cooling Packages with Conventional Raised Floors with CRAC Air Conditioning

  • Running out of floor space to accommodate the hot aisle/cold aisle row cooling approach?
  • Experiencing hotspots and/or equipment failure due to inefficient climate control?
  • Looking for a green data center for a more cost-effective cooling approach?

If you’re looking for a solution, it’s simple physics: Water is 3,500 times more effective at cooling than air. But, liquid cooling carries a large stigma particularly because of the large price tag. And, if you’re like other Data Center Managers, the words of Jerry McGuire may be ringing in your head – “Show me the money!”

This web seminar shares results of an independent study that compares heat loads from a “typical” data center with a pressurized raised floor and hot aisle/cold aisle row orientation using CRAC units, with a data center using only Liquid Cooling Packages (LCP).

Topics Covered:

  • Evolution of high-density cooling approaches
  • 4 things every Data Center Manager should consider before deploying a high density cooling solution
  • Study Findings
    – Design Schemes – A Data Center with 470 KW of power and a Data Center with 2160 kw of Power
    – Cost Analysis
    – Comparison Matrix, including: Power Consumption, Negative Power Flow, Air Recirculation, Liquid Leakage
  • An Introduction to the Rittal Liquid Cooling Package