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4 ways to Optimize Cold Airflow


Data center cooling is, at its essence, airflow management. Air handlers supply cold air; servers expel hot air. Keep them from mixing and you’ve positioned your data center for future success. It sounds simple in theory. In practice, airflow in the data center is largely unpredictable and erratic.

The challenge for data center professionals is one of visibility. On top of your other responsibilities, how do you proactively measure and manage something you cannot see?

42U is accomplished at airflow management best practices and strategies including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and on-site data center assessments. Now, we’re proud to offer our clients a specific airflow optimization service, performed by our same, expert data center services team.

Airflow Optimization Objectives

Managing airflow is critically important to data center operation. If there’s excess airflow, you’re wasting money and energy. If there’s too little, you risk downtime or equipment failures.

42U’s airflow optimization service will help you find the sweet spot: matching airflow supply with demand while balancing your efficiency and availability goals.

Our service analyzes the airflow patterns on the data center floor and recommends the appropriate products for remediation.

After analysis and implementation, you’ll find our service:

  • Maximizes the efficiency your air handling units to reclaim stranded capacity and delay expensive capital outlays.
  • Eliminates air mixing to ensure all chilled air contributes to productive cooling.
  • Reduces the risk of hotspots and thermal failures.
  • Contributes to energy and cost savings

In addition, 42U can serve as your installation arm, configuring air management products like raised floor grommets and aisle containment, tuning floor tiles, and adjusting air handler settings.

Contact a 42U solutions specialist today for more information on this service.

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