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Console Server switches (also called RS232, Unix, and TTY switches) provide additional layers of security,
redundancy, and out-of-band management.

 Console Servers: 48-ports48-Port Console Server 
Console ServerPhysical PortsPower SupplyFeatures
Cyclades ACS6048SAC48Single-ACLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6048MSAC48Single-ACLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ACS6048DAC48Dual-ACLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6048MDAC48Dual-ACLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ACS6048SDC48Single-DCLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6048MSDC48Single-DCLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ACS6048DDC48Dual-DCLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6048MDDC48Dual-DCLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ATP019048Single-ACLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP021048Single-DCLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP020048Dual-ACLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP020548Dual-DCLinux, Solaris Ready
Raritan DSX4848 DualCommandCenter ready
Thinklogical SCS48048 SingleLinux, Solaris Ready
Thinklogical SCS480R48 DualLinux, Solaris Ready
 Console Servers: 32-ports32-Port Console Server 
Console ServerPhysical PortsPower SupplyFeatures
Cyclades ACS6032SAC32Single-ACLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6032MSAC32Single-ACLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ACS6032DAC32Dual-ACLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6032MDAC32Dual-ACLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ACS6032SDC32Single-DCLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6032MSDC32Single-DCLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ACS6032DDC32Dual-DCLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6032MDDC32Dual-DCLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ATP010032Single-ACLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP010532Single-DCLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP015032Dual-ACLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP015532Dual-DCLinux, Solaris Ready
NTI SE-RS-3232Single 
Raritan DSXA-32-DL32DualCommandCenter ready
Thinklogical SCS32032SingleLinux, Solaris Ready
Thinklogical SCS320R32DualLinux, Solaris Ready
Thinklogical Sentinel 3232DualLinux, Solaris Ready
 Console Servers: 16-ports16-Port Console Server 
Console ServerPhysical PortsPower SupplyFeatures
Cyclades ACS6016SAC16Single-ACLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6016MSAC16Single-ACLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ACS6016DAC16Dual-ACLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6016MDAC16Dual-ACLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ACS6016SDC16Single-DCLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6016MSDC16Single-DCLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ACS6016DDC16Dual-DCLinux embedded
Cyclades ACS6016MDDC16Dual-DCLinux embedded, built in modem
Cyclades ATP001016Single-ACLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP001516Single-DCLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP005016Dual-ACLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP005516Dual-DCLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades CCS401616Single-ACSerial, Linux, Solaris Ready
NTI SE-RS-1616Single 
Raritan DSXA-16-DL16 SingleCommandCenter ready
Raritan DSXA-16-DLM16 SingleCommandCenter ready
Rose UltraConsole16 Single expandable
Thinklogical SCS16016 SingleLinux, Solaris Ready
Thinklogical SCS160R16 DualLinux, Solaris Ready

Console Servers: 8-ports

8-Port Console Server 
Console ServerPhysical PortsPower SupplyFeatures
Cyclades ATP01208Single-ACLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP01258Single-DCLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP01308Dual-ACLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP01358Dual-DCLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades CCS40088Single-ACSerial, Linux, Solaris Ready
Raritan DSX88SingleCommandCenter ready
Rose UltraConsole8 Singleexpandable
Thinklogical SCS808 SingleLinux, Solaris Ready
Thinklogical SCS80R8 DualLinux, Solaris Ready
 Console Servers: 4-ports4-Port Console Server 
Console ServerPhysical PortsPower SupplyFeatures
Cyclades ATP01704Single-ACLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP01754Single-DCLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP01804Dual-ACLinux, Solaris Ready
Cyclades ATP01854Dual-DCLinux, Solaris Ready
Rose UltraConsole4Singleexpandable
Raritan DSX44SingleCommandCenter ready

Console Servers: 1-Port

Console ServerPhysical PortsPower SupplyFeatures
Cyclades ATP00011Single-ACLinux, Solaris Ready

Terminal Servers

 32-Port Terminal Server 
Terminal ServerPortsPower SupplyFeatures
Cyclades TES00611SingleLinux; SSHv2, RADIUS
Cyclades TES007016SingleLinux; SSHv2, RADIUS

What are Console Servers?

Console servers (also called RS232 aggregators, terminal servers, or secure console servers) provide out-of-band management for switches, routers, and other command-line controlled devices through a secure shell or SSL browser session. Remote console and console server management products are some of the industry's most intuitive solutions for managing command-line devices.

These devices are differentiated by their method of access, as well as how they are aggregated for centralized management.

The key differentiating attributes across console servers are as follows:

  • Physical Redundancy: Power supplies, consoles and hard drives, modem access, port buffer allocation

  • Method of Access: Telnet, SSH, or browsers

  • Accessibility: port-level security, external authentication, and port log size

Managing a Single CLI Device in A KVM Environment
If you have only a few CLI devices mixed in with a predominately KVM installation, an ASCII terminal converter will give you an inexpensive way to gain console control. These devices allow you to manage your serial devices, such as routers and hubs, through your KVM infrastructure. This approach will enable complete control of your KVM and serial assets thought a single analog interface.

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