IHSE Repeater / Cross-repeater Series 485

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485 Series | Repeater and Cross-conversion

Extension and format conversion of digital signals
The highly-flexible Draco vario Repeater family provides the extension of digital signals and cross-conversion between Cat X and fiber cables.

The installation of repeaters at intervals within a signal path extends the distance the signal can be transmitted to any required distance.

Cross Repeater
The Draco vario Repeater family incorporates cross-conversion between Cat X and fiber cables. Signals available on a Cat X network may be converted to fiber for transmission and converted back to Cat X at the receiver (or vice-versa). This is useful in bridging buildings with copper-based networks that are located some distance apart.

General information
The Draco vario Repeater family features bidirectional data ports: Cat X and fiber ports are individually configurable as inputs or outputs. No additional configuration is required. Single- and dual-repeater board versions are available for installation in Draco vario frame enclosures. Both device options can be deployed between extenders and between extender and matrix.



  • Doubling of cable length
  • Electrical/optical conversion
  • Bidirectional data ports
  • No configuration needed
  • Compatible with all Draco KVM products


Product Options


Repeater module – cat-x


Dual repeater module – cat-x


Repeater module – fiber


Dual repeater module – fiber


Repeater module – cat-x / fiber


Dual repeater module – cat-x / fiber


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