Information & Human Services

Air Traffic Control

Customize modular elements to grow with your company.

Banking / Financial

Immediate individual access at the touch-of-a-button.

Broadcast / Audio Visual Production

Manage multiple sources in real-time with no latency.

Data Center / Colo / IT

Provide zero downtime and consistent, secure access.

Disaster Recovery

Be there when you’re needed most.

Education / Training

Provide secure student access and reliable data anywhere in the world.


Deliver highly secure, totally reliable, and adaptable IT systems.

Health & Wellness

Supply secure access to confidential files.

Hospitality / Dining

Update digital menus at the click of a button.

House of Worship

Share your message where it’s needed.

Medical Cannabis >>

Manage the greenhouse ecosystem with environmental monitoring and humidification.


Deploy secure, immediate access on demand.

Operation Center / Command & Control

Monitor, analyze, and coordinate objects in processes in real time.

Professional Services

Streamline processes and improve the bottom line.

Real Estate

Reach your buyers and provide for your agents.


Maintain inventory records and display updated ads.


Decrease technical difficulties and reduce down-time.

Transportation / Logistics

Track and report real-time progress.

The 42U team is here to find the best solution for any environment in any industry.