What is DCIM?

When it comes to a reliable, integrated data center infrastructure management (DCIM) strategy, having a firm comprehension of lifecycle asset management and monitoring facilities is key to a complete solution. Identifying goals and necessities to deploy a full DCIM system for rapid evolution involves in-depth knowledge of each evaluation stage.


  • ✓ Capacity Planning & 3D Visualization
  • ✓ Real-Time Monitoring & Seamless Integration Management
  • ✓ Cable & Remote Connectivity Management
  • ✓ Environmental & Energy Sensors & Configuration
  • ✓ Versatile Financial & Parameter-Driven Reporting
  • ✓ Process/Change Management

4 considerations before deploying a full DCIM System

  1. Develop a game plan. Build a thorough project management deployment timeline from beginning, middle, and end.
  2. Decide on a compatible software and hardware. Comprise the monitoring of infrastructure details into one location.
  3. Incorporate intelligent alerting in your environment. Visualize, manage, and report infrastructure asset health; including UPS, CRAC, and servers.
  4. Remember the ultimate goal. Keeping an eye on the three key values: improve capacity, reduce risk, and maximize business service delivery.

What makes DCIM a meaningful solution?

– Image Courtesy of Sunbird DCIM

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