Blanking Panels

Blanking panels can help optimize airflow within your server racks. They allow you to cover unused rack space, improving airflow and contributing to the separation required for a hot/cold aisle containment strategy. Blanking panels help to recirculate hot server exhaust air to the front of the rack.

This is a low-cost solution that can reduce energy expense by 1-2% and can be done in any data center. Blanking panels are a fundamental airflow control strategy that improves airflow through equipment and avoids inefficient airflow around the equipment needing cooling. This practice decreases server inlet temperatures as well as increases the CRAC (computer room air conditioner) return air temperature, both of which improve the operational efficiency.

Blanking Panels


  • ✓ Energy savings from improved efficiency.
  • ✓ Reduces internal hot air re-circulation.
  • ✓ Improved airflow to installed equipment.



Plug Leaks

The data center should plug leaks both around the 19-inch rails in front of the racks and in the U space among the rack mounts by using blanking panels. Plug holes in raised floors around cabling with floor grommets.


Between Racks

Make sure spaces between racks are sealed. With the use of Expandable Filler Panels, this will help seal odd larger gaps between racks.

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