42U Creative Content rules of usage and sharing

Sharing of 42U’s Data Center Efficiency Images

We offer open royalty-free sharing of’s efficiency content, images, and diagrams. We strongly believe that the more IT professionals and corporate leaders learn about the devastating effects greenhouse gases have on our environment, and the more they learn about the huge amount of CO2 Emissions their data centers produce, the more they will want to learn about implementing energy efficiency best practices to reduce their energy consumption.

We are happy and honored to have the content we create for our website be used by other organizations to help educate their audiences on these environmental issues and the value of energy efficiency. We have assembled some of our most requested images and diagrams on this page.

Please feel free to copy and use any of the images and diagrams on this page as long as you abide by the following:

  1. Do not alter the content, and
  2. Disclose that was the source, and
  3. Display a link to the page on our website on which you found the image.

While most of the images and content on this site was specifically written or created for, some product images and content was provided by our vendors. Though we encourage our vendors to also openly share their content, we recommend that you contact the individual vendor to request their permission before using their content.


We are also happy to provide higher resolution images and diagrams and additional or modified content for government agencies, National Labs, universities and schools, news organizations, blogs, forums, and charities. Both U.S. and international requests are welcome. To receive any content, please complete our contact form and provide basic details on how you would like to use our content and what your requirements are.