Top 4 Resilient Network Pieces


OpenGear IM7200 Infrastructure Manager 8 – 48 port serial console server, manage network and server consoles. Also available in 16 port + 24 USB console ports. Dual network connections with builtin Fiber SFP and GbE copper ports. AAA including LDAP & TACACS+, lock down ports per user & group. Unified power management of PDU and

A Few Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Console Server

There are many different console server options to fit your organizations’ needs. Consider these points when beginning to look at units and contact us today to speak with an expert about your specific requirements and which one would be the right fit for you. Console Setup The console server should take up a very limited

Top 5 Benefits of a Console Server

1. Centralized Data Center Management Console servers provide local or remote management of your serial devices, UNIX & Linux servers, routers, switches and other serially-managed devices via SSH/Telnet and Web browser. Access serial servers from anywhere, at any time, regardless of network availability (optional Integrated 56K Modem*). Add centralized software for multiple console server and

What is a console server?

A console server provides you with centralized and secure remote access to all of your servers. It allows you to monitor the console of other machines and support geographically dispersed data centers from anywhere. This eliminates the need for IT professionals to have to be on-site at a data center if something goes wrong or

Avocent Launches New Serial Console Servers for Remote Management of Small and Midsize Data Centers

Affordable system simplifies remote management of UNIX, Linux and Solaris servers, routers, and power management devices The Cyclades CS Console Server, based on the industry leading Cyclades ACS Console Server platform, allow consolidated and cost effective management from a single point of access to serial devices. “These new additions to our range of switching solutions

What is a service processor?

Integrated onboard technologies, or service processors, are microcontrollers embedded in a motherboard of a server, a PCI card, or on the chassis of a server. Service processor features vary by manufacturer and include remote power-cycling of devices, monitoring of a server’s on-board instrumentation (temperature, CPU status, fan speed, and voltage), remote console access via Serial

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