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Are You Placing Your Sensors for Optimal Readings?

A recent blog post by Ian Seaton of Upsite Technologies tackled this very question. And… If you are following the ASHRAE recommendations, you might be missing the mark. From poor aisle design to equipment that “breathes” in reverse, breakdowns in airflow management can lead to temperature readings that are either too high or too low,

Containment Considerations

containment considerations

Each unique server room will require a unique Aisle Containment solution. Some environments will benefit more from hot aisle containment, while others may be limited to cold aisle containment due to physical constraints. Most important, despite what the experts say, improperly implemented containment can be as bad or worse than no containment at all. Availability

Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle

Arranging your data center racks in a Hot-Aisle/Cold-Aisle layout enables cool air to efficiently flow to the server intake and hot air to be exhausted out of the back of the racks.

Hot Aisle Containment


Exhausting hot air away from your servers with Hot Aisle Containment solutions eliminates bypass airflow issues and reduces data center energy consumption and lowers your related power costs.