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Energy Efficiency Savings Calculator



Data Center Energy Efficiency Savings Calculator

How much can your organization save by being more energy efficient in your Data Center?

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Learn how to track current power consumption and cost. Set efficiency goals and chart your annual savings over time.

42U provides you with the tools to help you understand your data center energy consumption and project energy efficiency savings over a 10 year period.

Our Data Center Efficiency Savings Calculator helps you understand the short term and long term savings that can be achieved by improving the energy efficiency of your data center infrastructure.

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Understanding Data Center Energy Consumption and Estimating Energy Efficiency Savings

42U's Data Center Efficiency Savings Calculator helps IT Professionals and C-level management understand the short term and long term savings that can be achieved by improving the energy efficiency of their data center infrastructure.  Efficiency savings are both financial (Capital expense (CAPEX) and operating expense (OPEX) as well as the environmental savings in carbon emissions (the carbon given off by the electricity used to power the equipment in their data centers).  Also important to consider but beyond the scope of this calculator are the substantial CAPEX savings in reducing assets and deferred data center construction (see CAPEX vs OPEX discussion below), and savings in other green house gasses other than CO2. The Efficiency Savings Calculator is designed to be useful for determining savings for any size data center, computer room, server room, or wiring closet.

Data Center Efficiency CAPEX versus OPEX Savings

A more efficient data center eliminates many power and cooling capacity issues thus reducing the need to add additional power and cooling equipment assets, and potentially eliminating the need to either build a new data center or move to a larger data center space. Additional efficiency measures such as asset retirement, virtualization and consolidation reduce the floor square required by IT and infrastructure equipment. Though not illustrated in the savings shown by this calculator, the CAPEX costs savings in not have to build, design, and equip a new data center have been shown to be as much as 5-6 times the OPEX savings shown here for makings your data center more efficient. In addition to the financial CAPEX savings, any new equipment that doesn't have to be manufactured, and any data center facility that doesn't need to be built saves the unnecessary production of tons of CO2 & Green House Gases (GHG) emissions.

Using the Efficiency Savings Calculator

PUEDCiELevel of Efficiency
3.033%Very Inefficient
1.283%Very Efficient

Why use PUE & DCiE Benchmarks?

PUE & DCiE are the most widely accepted, and adopted benchmarks for efficiency in data centers. That doesn't mean that they are perfect benchmarks, but they are relatively easy to calculate and if measured consistently and frequently, they do provide an easy way to monitor the progress and effectiveness of your efficiency efforts.  They offer an uncomplicated metric that is easily to understand, measure, and discuss between IT, Facilities, and management.  This calculator confirms that improving PUE/DCiE has a decided impact on your bottom line. Whether you have a 5 megawatt or 100 kilowatt facility, the savings are significant. Productivity benchmarks including the Green Grid's Data Center energy Productivity (DCeP), and the Uptime Institute's Corporate Average Data Center Efficiency (CADE) allow data center professionals to drill down into how productive the IT Equipment in their data center environment is. For additional help in calculating your PUE/DCiE call us 1-800-638-2638.

The Self Funding Efficiency Program
Start with the low-hanging fruit and become more progressive (and efficient) as the savings increase. As your partner in efficiency, 42U provides the expertise and direction to implement a self-funding efficiency program, where money saved is money reinvested into your data center.

This calculator sets the stage for your data center efficiency efforts. The next step is to contact us. We can tailor an efficiency program to your needs and help you realize significant cost savings in your data center.

About 42U
Since 1995, 42U has been a leader in providing data center efficiency consulting for data center and facilities managers. Our vendor and technology agnostic approach leverages our best-practice expertise in monitoring, airflow analysis, power, measurement, cooling, and best-of-breed efficiency technologies to help data center managers improve energy efficiency, reducing power consumption and subsequently lowering energy costs.

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