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Avocent Discusses Exciting Launch: DSView 3 Upgrades to 3.6 & Innovative Power Manager Plug In


Managing your data center has just become easier! The new DSView 3 includes benefits ranging from labor-saving features such as consolidated access of physical and virtual servers, integrated virtual machine and power management support, and myriad out-of-band hardware support options…all in ONE tool.

Dan Baxter, Senior Sales Engineer for Avocent, reviews the new features and benefits of the DSView 3 management software and Power Manager Plug In.

Benefits of the DSView 3 Power Manager Plug In:

  • Measure overall IT energy consumption
  • Understand available power capacity
  • Measure IT energy cost

Benefits of the NEW DSView 3 software version 3.6:

  • Simplified set-up and configuration
  • Integrated VMware environment support
  • Increased device access and management options
  • Enhanced power management with NEW Power Manager software
  • Increased third-party KVM switch support
  • Unlimited User Licenses
  • Lowered virtual server support costs

This webinar will be beneficial for current DSView 3 users as well as those who may be new to DSView 3.Please complete the form below to download the web seminar replay.

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